Each year, Skip engages with nonprofits, social 
enterprises, and educational institutions to support 
causes that reflect our community goals. 

Diversity empowers us. For us, diversity brings fresh ideas and inspires a network full of new approaches. We’re committed to cultivating partnerships with groups that action social change and reflect that we’re stronger together, no matter who we are or where we’re from. 

Good food is about more than what’s on your plate. As the food industry grows, it’s important to ensure that all Canadians have access to safe, healthy food—which is why we’re taking action. We’re looking for partnerships that support food poverty solutions, sustainable packaging, and long-term environmental initiatives in the food industry. 

We’re putting the Prairies on the map. At Skip, we’re invested in developing world-class talent by providing new, innovative resources to Canadians. Skip is committed to cultivating the next generation and is focused on partnership opportunities that support education, mentorship, and skill development in the tech industry. Together, we’ll make the Prairies a powerhouse.


For the past four years, we have partnered with Pride organizations across the country in support of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we’re proud to support our partners and their local agencies to increase visibility and resources for the people within the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

In 2020, we proudly stood alongside Pride Winnipeg, Pride Vancouver, Pride Toronto, and Fierté Montréal Pride as the organizations pivoted to provide a virtual Pride experience, and have donated more than $135,000 to date. In 2021, we’ve expanded to include Ottawa Pride to the lineup and will be working with all five organizations to support their virtual Pride parades and experiences.

Food insecurity impacts millions of people in Canada — that’s why we support Food Banks Canada, a not-for-profit network of food sustainability initiatives and food banks across the country. Food Banks Canada provides national leadership to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow in collaboration with the food bank network from coast-to-coast.

To launch our partnership, we donated $1 million to Food Banks Canada’s COVID-19 Response Fund. With more Canadians than ever relying on food banks across the country, we’re proud to partner with an organization that connects more than 3,000 food banks and community agencies with our neighbours that need it most.

Since 2019, we’ve worked alongside United Way Winnipeg in alignment with our diversity and inclusion pillar. Together, we’re committed to creating a city where everyone can thrive by supporting the efforts of over 100 agency partners that provide essential community services. 

Through Stronger Together, our internal giving campaign, we raised $70,000 in 2019 through employee giving and a matching corporate donation to United Way Winnipeg. In 2020, we surpassed our goal for Stronger Together and raised $175,000, and was one of five corporate sponsors of the inaugural Walk This Way event. In 2021, we’re looking forward to our third annual Stronger Together campaign this winter, and helping expand the Walk This Way event.

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Partner with us.

In 2021, we partnered with Mealshare to launch our joint Food For Thought campaign. Mealshare offers a simple and innovative "Buy One, Give One" charity program for restaurants: Whenever guests purchase a Mealshare menu item at a participating restaurant, a simple healthy meal is donated to a youth struggling with hunger through Mealshare's network of charity partners.

Nearly 1 in 5 Canadian children are food insecure, and Food For Thought teaches kids about food insecurity through a fun and child-friendly resource package. It's meant to spark age-appropriate conversations, and includes helpful information and talking points for parents and teachers to use. 

For each submission of completed activities from a curated resource package, Skip donated five meals to children in need through Mealshare in addition to kicking off the campaign by donating 25,000 meals to youth in need.

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